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The Makeup Counter Monster

I’m G U I L T Y. . . 

Gross!!! Ladies beware of this. . . definitely not cool to catch something for the cost of “beauty” and that’s WORD!
As the excerpt states you can clean the lipstick by dipping it in alcohol which most cosmetic stores provide to their customers, however you are still at risk.
I’ve never applied makeup counter lipstick straight to my lips because of my anal personality but devastated to read that it still does not protect you from bacteria! Lesson learned here, period.
Thank you Women’s Health Magazine!

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Stay Fantabulous,

Mel G.

DANGER! Red Square is HOT!

NARS Red Square Matte Lip Pencil Madness…

The lip color I’ll be wearing all weekend long in memory of my gal Marilyn Monroe – Happy Birthday!!!

Three weeks ago I attended NARS Tweetup Event with my makeup artist buddy Melissa, follow her on Twitter she’s a makeup treasure box @MegaDivaMelC.  We are both rocking Red Square on the pic below. . . Aooow!
The event was such great opportunity to meet other fellow makeup artist and no other than NARS Director of Global Artistry. . .
James Boehmer!
He was such a charming person to talk to and one of the reasons I returned back to the register to purchase my Red Squareee.
Bonus, we received 20% off their products!

I told myself that I will only purchase ONE item, let’s just say I left with FIVE!
However, no regrets, I love every product I purchased such as the Lola Lola eyeshadow, Super Orgasm Illuminator, Laguna Bronzing Powder, Red Square Matte Lip Pencil and Gold Digger Lip Gloss.
I’ll leave you with a tip that James gave me when wearing Red Square.  Apply NARS Heat Wave Semi Matte Lipstick on the middle of  your upper and lower upper lips to give it that oh so cool ombre effect.
To give you visual idea. . . its the lip rim you get after drinking red wine 😉

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Stay Fantabulous,

Mel G.

Oh La La YSL

Je Suis Amoureuse!

Hmmm, soo yeaa this color has been added to my Wish List.

The model is totally rocking the color with her beautiful greenish eyes and the fantastic makeup applied on her picture-perfect canvas.

Although the color is on the dark side of the spectrum, I’m a renegade and trust me I will be lip smacking this color this summer, or (ahemm) all year round.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre

101 Violet Singulier Lipstick

$32.00 (US)

Click Here to Buy

 If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked. ~Sofia Vergara

Stay Fantabulous,

Mel G.

Real Woman? Good Luck Finding That!

Ladies recognize the facts.

We are living in an era where we have to question what’s real or not.
Think twice before you decide to compare yourself to one of the many celebrities that have their images retouched/photo-shopped.












“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Stay fantabulous & mucho love,

Mel G.

My Lime Crime Confession

I’ve been stalking this makeup line lipsticks for months!

Finally, I clicked ‘submit order’ for my Cosmopop and Glamour lipsticks!

Cosmopop on My Pretty, Peachy Lips

The color looked different on me compared to the fair model because of the lighting. I used my phone camera since my camera at the time was out ‘sick’ and I couldn’t wait for it to get better aka fixed. The lipstick is pretty pigmented, I usually apply nude color lip-liner, apply Cosmopop and rub it down with my fingers to smooth it out.

I was so excited with my popping color that I just went on a photo shoot rampage! As you can clearly see. Stay tuned for my blog on the oh la la Glamour color.


They have so many different, unique colors to chose from-for a Makeup Artist this is Candyland!

 I’m impatiently waiting for them to bring back Mint to Be and New Yolk City!

Crossing fingers they’re back in stock before summer gets here.

Oh! Here you can check out all their other awesome colors at Lime Crime

My lips will stay popping, rocking this summer.

Mel G.

Caught with Make(down)

Are We Sometimes Better Off WITH or WITHOUT Makeup?

Let’s be honest, there are some of us that are blessed with natural beauty and some of us that need a little makeup help to enhance our beauty or hide certain unwanted blemishes. I, sometimes can look quite pale (as you can see on the picture shown below) and like to add colorrrr (i.e. bronze and/or blush). There are also my big, round eyes which I enjoy accentuating with my number one look — winged/cat eyeliner. 

Here is a picture of myself au natural with freshly done eyebrows (first time I threaded them) and the other one with of course makeup, what do you think?

Celebrity Mask-Off

Now, check out the celebrities I provided my kiss of opinion. Enjoy!

“The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

I really love this Indian Beauty Queen turned actor! She’s absolutely beautiful! She has the natural beauty going on, and, yup, looks even better with makeup. The makeup helps to enhance her piercing grayish-blue eyes.

Pint Size Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Our fun-to-watch Jersey Shore character! I really like how Snooki looks without makeup…natural definitely suits her! If I were her Makeup Artist I would accentuate her eyes with a more natural makeup look with taupe, brown, purple shadows.

Tattoo Hottie Kat Von D

Hmm, I was a bit indecisive with Kat. She doesn’t look horrible without makeup, I think it was a bad shot taken by the photographer (we all have those). I like her extreme smokey eye look tagged with bold red lips which she owned for years. 

FYI she has her own makeup line in SEPHORA (click here to check out Kat Von D Makeup line)

Soul Singer Ms. Adele

Adele’s New Zealand born, Makeup Artist, Michael Ashton has released a craze of makeup tutorials trying to imitate Adele’s retro glamour makeup look (including myself!). She always looks absolutely stunning with her signature cat/winged eyeliner makeup.

Ms. Pouty Kerry Washington

Honestly, I cannot believe that’s how Kerry’s face (left) looks like without makeup! That’s why I placed my vote/opinion in the middle. However, comparing both photos, Kerry looks better with makeup.

You be the judge! But remember that you and I know that 

B E A U T Y runs skin deep; and is in the eye of the beholder.

What the Heezy? Microwaveable Slippers!

You will NEVER find me microwaving ANY type of slippers!

I came across a very disturbing TV commercial while working on one of my blogs –> the Hot Booties!

Yucky, Barf, Gross, Eeek, Ewww...finally Wakala (Dominican term for disgusting)!

I’m sorry if I’m coming off a bit strong but this is just plain disgusting. I don’t care  if the booties are slipped into a bag.

Imagine  your popcorn or food taste with an after taste of


Will you ever buy a pair of the “Hot Booties” ???

What’s for lunch?

Yummy slippers,

Mel G.

Let it Shine…on You

Makeupnistas, based on what you have learned from my previous posts. What can we recommend to our beautiful, young lady ? ? ?


So the ball is on your turf dolls. Looking forward to reading your comments and suggestions.


Mel G.

Say Yes to Ostentatious Winter Lips

Buh Bye Chappy Lips!

Ugh winter is here! Well, at least for me is depressing.  The one and only season were most people decide to hibernate. Also the period were our skin gets dry and screams for moisturizer, pleaseeee. I remember when small I use to get these horrible winter burn mustache on my upper lip- the Lip Licker effect and my only salvation of the burn will be Vaseline’s Lip Therapy lip balm.

        During this beautiful, snowy season (feel my sarcasm) we are likely to also suffer from dry lips. Winter’s dry air and lack of moisturizer leave us victims of scaly, dry, nasty, ugly-looking chapped lips. Do not fret! Below you will the simplest steps to tone this unwanted winter look. Go ahead, start gathering your tools and massage your lips back to a kissable state.


  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Soft Toothbrush OR Eyelash Spool


  1. Apply a coat of petroleum jelly to lips
  2. Use a dry, smooth toothbrush and massage your lips in a circular motion to remove the dead skin cells
  3. Remove any excess of petroleum jelly
  4. Apply lip conditioner (I use Blistex Lip Medex)
  5. Enjoy your new, restored lips

During this process the toothbrush is exfoliating your lips while the petroleum jelly is hydrating and healing. If need be, repeat the steps several times until lips are no /chapped and back to a kissable status.  Make sure to protect your new polished lips with a moisturizing lip balm.

Don’t lick your lips & hydrate yourself (8 glasses of water),

Mel G.

Makeup Brushes 101 Class

Tapered? Angled? Flat? Blending? What the BRUSH???

I was once in your position, totally lost with the vast amount of brush options.  For my Bellas and Bellos that have never gone beyond using the typical brush that some makeup brand comes packaged with. I want you to embark on a ride to Brush Crush World because after this ride you will be falling in love with how these babies can rank up your look.

You don’t necessarily have to stick to the category I have placed the brush(es) under. Depending on what look you are aiming for, you can go ahead and break my” rules (haha). For instance, you want to highlight a particular small area on or above your cheekbones go ahead and use the tapered eye brush. It will apply a soft look and simulate Sofia Loren beautiful, high cheekbones. Ok, not literally like hers but you get the point.

Below I’ll list what I believe are the essential tools to start your own makeup brush collection and start witnessing flawless application.  Each brush can serve many purposes – you can have a brush that can be used for your eyes as well as your lips or even face. I will make reference to which brushes have multiple duties.

Where can I buy makeup brushes??? You can buy them at most cosmetic stores or online such M·A·C, Sigma (online), Crown (online), Urban Decay, and SEPHORA just to name a few. If you’re near a pharmacy, Duane Reade sells eco-friendly brushes; I specially like their powder/blush brushes. A little insider: when I began my journey as a Makeup Artist, I actually started with paint art brushes which I purchased from Michael’s arts and craft store!


 Eye + Face & Body + Lip Tools 

  1. Tapered Blending BrushWorks well on creases and helps to achieve smokey eye looks. You can also use this brush in areas of your face that you specifically want to highlight.
  2. Eye Shading BrushHelps to build up shadow on your eyelid.
  3. Blending BrushI love this brush! It does exactly what its name after, blends, blends, and blends!  It helps to blend powder/cream shadow harsh lines when applying more than two colors achieving a smooth, natural look. You can even use it to blend your blush, bronzer, and highlighter- there’s basically no limit. The brush is a keeper in your makeup kit.
  4. Medium Angled Shading BrushCan be used on your brow bone to apply highlight.  I also tend to use it on my crease to create more depth and inner or outer corners of my eyes.
  5. Angled Eyeliner BrushHelps to define (shape & darken) eyebrows and apply powder/liquid/creamy as eye liner. You can also use it to add shape to your eyebrows. Tip: When using eye shadow as eyeliner and you wish to intensify the look (1) wet the brush with a bit of water or  M·A·C’s Fix+ Spray (2) dip brush in  your eye shadow of choice  (3)  darken as many times you want depending on the look that you’re aiming for
  6.  Small Eyeliner BrushHelps for precision application, specially the cat/winged eyeliner looks.
  7. Powder/Blush BrushApplies blush or bronzer to cheeks. As well as pressed powder or bronzer or loose powder on the face. You will find different sizes available which will help pick the right amount of powder for desired sections.
  8. Large Angled Contour BrushHelpful to apply powder and contour cheeks. The brush hair doesn’t pick up too much color and due to its shape, it makes it easier to blend (angled).
  9. Kabuki/Buffer BrushI tend to use this brush to apply pressed powder or sometimes loose powder. It’s also used to apply powder on the body.
  10. Concealer BrushLooks like a mini version of a foundation brush- it’s an under-eye friendly tool. Why? It has a more delicate application versus tugging or pulling on the area which is recognized to be the most sensitive part in your face. It helps to apply concealer to those hard to reach areas (around your eyes).
  11. Foundation BrushApplies a natural finish look on the skin. The brush construction helps to apply large amounts of makeup on our pretty face.
  12. Lip BrushDefines lip’s shapes and blends lip liner and lipstick. Helps to define the sexiest part of your lips- the cupid’s bow. Tip: You can also use an angled eyeliner brush to highlight the cupid bow.

Honestly, I don’t know how I survived years ago doing my makeup without these handy tools.  Lastly, remember to take good care of your brushes.  I’ll soon provide a blog on how to clean these hairy tools.  Stay tuned.

Brushing my shoulders off, Peace.

Mel G.


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