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Caught with Make(down)

Are We Sometimes Better Off WITH or WITHOUT Makeup?

Let’s be honest, there are some of us that are blessed with natural beauty and some of us that need a little makeup help to enhance our beauty or hide certain unwanted blemishes. I, sometimes can look quite pale (as you can see on the picture shown below) and like to add colorrrr (i.e. bronze and/or blush). There are also my big, round eyes which I enjoy accentuating with my number one look — winged/cat eyeliner. 

Here is a picture of myself au natural with freshly done eyebrows (first time I threaded them) and the other one with of course makeup, what do you think?

Celebrity Mask-Off

Now, check out the celebrities I provided my kiss of opinion. Enjoy!

“The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

I really love this Indian Beauty Queen turned actor! She’s absolutely beautiful! She has the natural beauty going on, and, yup, looks even better with makeup. The makeup helps to enhance her piercing grayish-blue eyes.

Pint Size Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Our fun-to-watch Jersey Shore character! I really like how Snooki looks without makeup…natural definitely suits her! If I were her Makeup Artist I would accentuate her eyes with a more natural makeup look with taupe, brown, purple shadows.

Tattoo Hottie Kat Von D

Hmm, I was a bit indecisive with Kat. She doesn’t look horrible without makeup, I think it was a bad shot taken by the photographer (we all have those). I like her extreme smokey eye look tagged with bold red lips which she owned for years. 

FYI she has her own makeup line in SEPHORA (click here to check out Kat Von D Makeup line)

Soul Singer Ms. Adele

Adele’s New Zealand born, Makeup Artist, Michael Ashton has released a craze of makeup tutorials trying to imitate Adele’s retro glamour makeup look (including myself!). She always looks absolutely stunning with her signature cat/winged eyeliner makeup.

Ms. Pouty Kerry Washington

Honestly, I cannot believe that’s how Kerry’s face (left) looks like without makeup! That’s why I placed my vote/opinion in the middle. However, comparing both photos, Kerry looks better with makeup.

You be the judge! But remember that you and I know that 

B E A U T Y runs skin deep; and is in the eye of the beholder.

Difference Between Everyday Makeup & Fashion/Runway Makeup

What are the first few words that come to head when ‘fashion makeup’ flashes before you?

Drama. Free spirit. Diva. Color parade. Flashy. Glittery. Feathery. Creative. Intriguing.

How about everyday/regular makeup?

Simple. Natural. Soft. Young. Innocence.  Clean. Radiant. Light. Beauty.

Most of us apply everyday makeup because its:


Easy as 1.2.3, fast application

Enhances our natural beauty

Hides scars, pimples and unwanted blemishes

You won’t find many of us strolling down the street heading to work or running errands with heavy makeup and have people questioning “Where is she going?” If you’re in that pool of courageous souls, hey it’s your own prerogative and I applaud you. However, I’ll save vibrant, rainbow, dark looks for holidays or special events (i.e. Halloween, birthdays, New Year’s).

For a natural look I usually prepare my face by applying (1) Pressed Powder by MAC (2) matte Bronzer by MAC to contour and give myself some color. I make a fishy face and apply it right were you see the dent.  This will give the illusion that I have beautiful, high cheekbones (3) and in a circular motion I apply a peachy color blush on the apples of my cheeks. I tend to smile and start by the side hair line and work my way to down to my cheeks.

Moving on to the eyes, my ultimate favorite feature to work with! Thankfully, I was blessed with big, beautiful eyes giving me lots of space to work my magic. A little secret, I didn’t like them when I was younger because of all the teasing I used to get.  But ok, back to business.  I use MAC Grain Satin eyeshadow (shown on my picture above) on my entire eyelid with a light application of MAC Down Brown eyeshadow on the crease. The crease is the line or fold below your brow bone or the top of where your eyeball ends. I top the look with CoverGirl Perfect Point Eyeliner in Black Onyx to line my upper lashes, plus a swipe of liquid eyeliner on top of the pencil eyeliner; and finish it off with Maybelline Turbo Volume mascara. I fill my lips with MAC Angel, a nude lipstick with a hint of pink and coat it with MAC Revealing lipgloss. Smooch! 

Now Fashion makeup will transform an average Jane Doe to the next Nicki Minaj. As most of you may have noticed runway makeup tends to be sometimes dramatic in the sense of pigment and texture, this helps the makeup to be viewed better from afar where the whole look needs to be noticed by the audience. Therefore, when applying makeup for such look, you will add little more than what you are usually used to (i.e. blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and can’t forget dramatic eyelash extensions).  The direction of fashion runway clothing goes hand in hand with makeup because it aids to interpret the trends that will have everyone going

Uuuuuu! Ahhhhhhh! I sooo want that piece!

Mascara, lipstick and eye shadow,

Mel G.