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Yummy, Edible MaKeUp

Can you believe that back in the ol’ days pancake was used as facial makeup! Yup, you had to get down in the kitchen to look flawless.

Just kidding, I’m referring to pan-cake as the makeup that’s typically used in the theater and film industry. Pan-cake is a compressed matte powder applied with a moist sponge- providing full coverage to the face. However, you have to be careful of how much you apply, if not you could end up looking un-real and fake; and your goal is to rock an au natural look. This pancake makeup phenomenon rised when actors appeared in film with blue, yellow and red tones on-screen. Pancake foundation helped actors appear with a near to flawless skin on the screen.  Most MUAs (Make-Up Artists) use this type of makeup for complete coverage or not so ‘perfect’ skin such as scars, blemishes, skin discoloration, tattoos etc). It accomplishes to have an even + smooth + flawless skin finish to many of our clients. Make-Up brands such as M·A·C, Max Factor, and Make Up For Ever carry this full coverage foundation products. Here is a helpful link on how to apply pan-cake makeup: Pancake Makeup Application.

So, hold on to your horses because you won’t believe this one. In the mid 1920s cosmetics advertising was rejected in women’s magazines?! Say what? Noo, wayyy. Come again?  Nowadays, we are flooded, bombarded with new make-up products promising amazing results. Mascaras that elongate, fills, volumizes your lashes; foundation that matches your true skin color; lips enhancements and I can go on and on.  So ladies let’s take advantage of all the hard work our makeup ancestors fought for. But pretty please be cognizant of how much pancake foundation you apply, you don’t want to end up looking like these infamous ladies:

Hope you learned something new today and not commit the mistakes that these lovely ladies did. I leave you with a fluffy, yummy quiz.  Stay tune for my next blog to know the answer

Hip, Hip, Hooray, to all make-up pioneers!

Mel G.

Make-Up 101 Trivia Question

In the early 1900s Maybelline was known to specialize in what area?                                

a) Eyeliner   b) Lipstick   c) Mascara   d) Lip-gloss   e) I give up

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