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Say Yes to Ostentatious Winter Lips

Buh Bye Chappy Lips!

Ugh winter is here! Well, at least for me is depressing.  The one and only season were most people decide to hibernate. Also the period were our skin gets dry and screams for moisturizer, pleaseeee. I remember when small I use to get these horrible winter burn mustache on my upper lip- the Lip Licker effect and my only salvation of the burn will be Vaseline’s Lip Therapy lip balm.

        During this beautiful, snowy season (feel my sarcasm) we are likely to also suffer from dry lips. Winter’s dry air and lack of moisturizer leave us victims of scaly, dry, nasty, ugly-looking chapped lips. Do not fret! Below you will the simplest steps to tone this unwanted winter look. Go ahead, start gathering your tools and massage your lips back to a kissable state.


  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Soft Toothbrush OR Eyelash Spool


  1. Apply a coat of petroleum jelly to lips
  2. Use a dry, smooth toothbrush and massage your lips in a circular motion to remove the dead skin cells
  3. Remove any excess of petroleum jelly
  4. Apply lip conditioner (I use Blistex Lip Medex)
  5. Enjoy your new, restored lips

During this process the toothbrush is exfoliating your lips while the petroleum jelly is hydrating and healing. If need be, repeat the steps several times until lips are no /chapped and back to a kissable status.  Make sure to protect your new polished lips with a moisturizing lip balm.

Don’t lick your lips & hydrate yourself (8 glasses of water),

Mel G.