How can I prevent my eyeshadow from creasing?
Use eye primer before applying eyeshadow-it will make it last longer & have a more vibrant color & will avoid those annoying eye makeup crease.
Can you recommend an easy Do it Yourself (DIY) facial mask?
DIY Facial Mask: Buy aloe vera plant and apply the gel inside to a clean, dry face. The aloe vera helps to hydrate + moisturize + sooth your skin.
How can I clean my brushes?
I gently wash my brushes with (1) organic shampoo or baby shampoo (2) apply conditioner and rinse in warm water (3) shape the brushes to their original form (4) lay them flat on paper towel to air dry to prevent the bristle from damaging (5) your face & brush will love you for you’ll have a cleaner, BACTERIA-free face and longer lasting brushes!
How often should I wash my makeup brushes?
I say once a month. However, if you have oily skin and have brushes that you use more often (i.e. concealer & foundation) then I recommend once a week.  I know it may be a huge task for some but think of it this way…you’ll be preventing acne or breakouts on your pretty face.
Natural facial scrub?
DIY Facial Scrub: Brown Sugar + Lemons and exfoliate those bad boy dead skin cells away!
How can my eyes have a more almond shape?
 Apply more mascara coats towards the corner of your eyes.

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