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The Makeup Counter Monster

I’m G U I L T Y. . . 

Gross!!! Ladies beware of this. . . definitely not cool to catch something for the cost of “beauty” and that’s WORD!
As the excerpt states you can clean the lipstick by dipping it in alcohol which most cosmetic stores provide to their customers, however you are still at risk.
I’ve never applied makeup counter lipstick straight to my lips because of my anal personality but devastated to read that it still does not protect you from bacteria! Lesson learned here, period.
Thank you Women’s Health Magazine!

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Stay Fantabulous,

Mel G.

What the Heezy? Microwaveable Slippers!

You will NEVER find me microwaving ANY type of slippers!

I came across a very disturbing TV commercial while working on one of my blogs –> the Hot Booties!

Yucky, Barf, Gross, Eeek, Ewww...finally Wakala (Dominican term for disgusting)!

I’m sorry if I’m coming off a bit strong but this is just plain disgusting. I don’t care  if the booties are slipped into a bag.

Imagine  your popcorn or food taste with an after taste of


Will you ever buy a pair of the “Hot Booties” ???

What’s for lunch?

Yummy slippers,

Mel G.