Get to Know Me

heya! my name is Melody Garcia

Who as a little girl didn’t like sneaking into their mother’s purse and looking for that infamous lipstick or lip gloss that was off limits? As a little girl I lived in my mom’s shoes, literally.You can find photos of me, slipping my tiny toddler feet into three inch heels and going along with my mother to beauty demonstrations. It was destiny that I would grow up to love fashion, makeup and all the glitz and glam attributed to this amazing industry.

For many years I was the go-to-person among friends, family and peers to beautify them for beauty and fashion advice. I always had a natural sense of style and creativity. I use makeup not to “make” individuals beautiful but to enhance their natural beauty.

I currently work at a Fortune 500 finance firm as a Project Manager. However, during my off time you’ll find me doing what I love best – being a Make-Up Artist! On February 2011 I decided to take heed to the talent I had suppressed for many years. I participated in the New York City 2011 Plitzs Fashion Show. Since then I have booked numerous bridal parties and other special events.

I am working on making my dreams a reality by having my makeup on  fashion runways at New York City, Milan, Paris and London while working on celebrities, and editorial shoots.  In the meantime, I have teamed up with friends to work on several photo-shoots of our own and creating our own story boards. I am a force to be reckoned with.

I am more than happy to provide helpful make-up tips to the women that struggle applying makeup. I will share my thoughts on the latest trends, hottest make-up item, and advice on make-up application. I hope to inspire individuals by reminding them that it’s never too late to shoot for your dreams. As I always say, “Be Fantabulous”!

  1. so cute .. Go Melo!!!

  2. This page is great, keep up the good work!!!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

  4. LOVE your “get to know me page” Mel! Wishing you THE best as always!!!

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